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Garlic Buds Are Coming In

Garlic budsEvery year around this time we look forward to these tasty little morsels.  Each garlic plant produces one flower which is “nipped in the bud.”  They cook quickly, like asparagus, but with a mild garlic flavor which is great sauteed or in stir-fries.  My favorite recipe is to steam blanch them for just a few minutes, cool them, then douse with Italian salad dressing or your favorite vinegarette.  They keep a long time in the refrigerator and are great in salads or as appetizers.

They’re only available for a few weeks so don’t miss this springtime treat.


In Tall Clover

CloverThe Crimson Clover in the lower pasture is a gorgeous carpet of red and green.  The upper pasture is knee high in rye grass with white Alyce Clover.  Both clovers fix nitrogen in the soil, attract pollinators and look beautiful.  I don’t recall seeing the blueberries set so much fruit.  The pear trees are loaded as well. Everywhere I turn there are flowers and verdant growth.  We’ve been putting in long hours gardening and soaking up this perfect weather.  What a time to be alive!

We’re Back

We’re back from our marvelous trip down the St. John’s River.  We trailered our little Catalina 22 to Palatka and sailed south to Hontoon Island State Park.  The riverbanks were so beautiful with new leaves on the trees and Spanish moss swaying in the breeze. We saw lots of bald eagles, egrets, pelicans, red-shouldered hawks and osprey.  In fact many of the waterway markers had osprey nests on them with young. We also saw lots of gators and even some manatees. We took one full week and are so glad that we went.  The weather was good and we even met some old friends on the way back.

Martha took great care of the garden while we were gone and everything has really grown.  We have lots of gorgeous lettuce and new beds of spinach and arugula are ready and look great. We’ve been setting out tomato plants since we’ve been back and are nearly done with that. We look forward to seeing you soon.