Happy New Year 2011!

Happy New Year!  Hope your holidays were filled with laughter, love and enough to share with someone.  Lesa has decided to make a few resolutions.  The first is to stay in closer touch with you through this site.  Another is to purchase fewer items that come in non-recyclable containers destined for the landfill. Also, to do more to help people who are less fortunate.  The gap is enormous and growing between those who have and those who have not on the planet.

We want to tell you about a book we just finished by Barbara Kingsolver titled, “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle”.  It’s full of information about how her family ate local and grew much of their own food for one year.  It also reveals much about the “industrial-food pipeline.”   Loaded with wit and humor, it’s a great read.

Concerning our current garden we enjoyed some blessed rain and hope it’s a sign we’ll have normal precipitation for 2011.  We’ve been hit hard a few times with some lows in the teens, which did some damage, but the plants recover when better weather comes.

The fall garden was started later and is smaller but the good news is we have plans for a large spring garden; more lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant, fewer peppers. Most of the snow and snap peas have been planted. We’ll keep the greens going for as long as possible.  Lesa has declared a moratorium on broccoli and summer squash because they require lots of space and have so many bug and fungus issues.

Hope this year brings lots of good things to your house.

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