Looking Forward

I’m as optimistic as a spring catalog and looking forward to another growing season just around the corner. The sun is climbing a little higher in the sky each day and not spending as much time hiding behind the pine trees.  We’re trying more heirloom tomato varieties this year and the baby tomato plants are putting on their first true leaves. It may seem strange to start tender tomatoes in January but that’s what we must do to have them ready to set out in March.

Long nights and cold days give us more time for reading.  Bob and I are currently enjoying Michael Pollan’s, “Second Nature.”  Some of the chapters are a hoot, others more philosophical.  Certainly a worthwhile read.

We have an army of cardinals in the front yard since we’ve been throwing sunflower seeds out.  They’re so pretty to watch and we feel better that they won’t go hungry in this cold weather.

Stay warm and order some vegetable and flower seeds.

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